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Outstanding tasks

X GViz API QL: Allow to select the columns to be returned, their 
  order, and labels.

X GViz API QL: Add support for limitting the number of returned rows, 
  as well as skipping a given number of first rows.

X Ensure that columns are always arranged in the same order (use 
  GVizQL SELECT clause)

X GViz API QL: Notify that the data source doesn't support the base 
  table specified in `from` clause.

X Protect against pygments imports.

X Write tests for all supported GVizQL features.

X GViz API QL: Parse other (more complex) expressions in `select` 
  clause (e.g. aggregate functions, -date- constants).

X GViz API QL: Parse `WHERE` clause in detail ?

X GViz API QL: Parse more complex expressions in `ORDER BY` clause 
  (e.g. aggregate functions).

X GViz API QL: Accept constants in `select` clause.

X GViz API QL: Parse and evaluate scalar functions in `select` clause.

X GViz API QL: Parse and evaluate expressions in `select` clause.

X GViz API QL: Augment GViz QL grammar to include SQL clauses and refactor 
  current parsing solution.

- Add `limit` parameter for history methods in VersionControlRPC.

- Implement data source provider for Ticket->Query

- GViz API QL: Add tasks to support `where`, `group by`, 
  `pivot`, `order by`, `format` and `options` clauses.

- Allow data source providers to control the details needed to handle 

- GViz API QL: Incremental production definition for operator precedence 
  grammar parser