Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Default avatar roadrunner
[svn r5698] Added support for configuring hudson authentication info. This closes #4113.
Default avatar roadrunner
[svn r4843] Replaced tabs with spaces.
Default avatar roadrunner
[svn r4594] Added support for displaying build description instead of generic
Default avatar roadrunner
[svn r4593] Fix for trac 0.11 (untested); patch taken from #3319. Closes #3319 and #2819.
Default avatar roadrunner
[svn r4592] Add option to open hudson page in new tab/browser. Closes #2553.
Default avatar roadrunner
[svn r4591] Added encoding attribute. Fixes #2912.
Default avatar roadrunner
[svn r3149] Initial import.
Default avatar roadrunner
[svn r3148] New hack HudsonTracPlugin, created by roadrunner
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