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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
A plugin to display hudson results in the timeline and provide a nav-link

import time
import calendar
import feedparser
import urlparse
import urllib2
from datetime import datetime
from trac.core import *
from trac.config import Option, BoolOption
from trac.util import Markup, format_datetime
from import INavigationContributor, ITemplateProvider, add_stylesheet
    from trac.timeline.api import ITimelineEventProvider
except ImportError:
    from trac.Timeline import ITimelineEventProvider

class HudsonTracPlugin(Component):
    implements(INavigationContributor, ITimelineEventProvider, ITemplateProvider)

    disp_sub = BoolOption('hudson', 'display_subprojects', 'false',
                          'Display status of subprojects in timeline too')
    feed_url = Option('hudson', 'feed_url', 'http://localhost/hudson/rssAll',
                      'The url of the hudson rss feed containing the build ' +
                      'statuses. This must be an absolute url.')
    username = Option('hudson', 'username', '',
                      'The username to use to access hudson (feed and details)')
    password = Option('hudson', 'password', '',
                      'The password to use to access hudson (feed and details)')
    nav_url  = Option('hudson', 'main_page', '/hudson/',
                      'The url of the hudson main page to which the trac nav ' +
                      'entry should link; if empty, no entry is created in ' +
                      'the nav bar. This may be a relative url.')
    disp_tab = BoolOption('hudson', 'display_in_new_tab', 'false',
                          'Open hudson page in new tab/window')

    def __init__(self):
        pwdMgr = urllib2.HTTPPasswordMgrWithDefaultRealm()
        pwdMgr.add_password(None, urlparse.urlsplit(self.feed_url)[1], self.username, self.password)

        self.bAuth = urllib2.HTTPBasicAuthHandler(pwdMgr)
        self.dAuth = urllib2.HTTPDigestAuthHandler(pwdMgr)

        self.url_opener = urllib2.build_opener(self.bAuth, self.dAuth)

    # INavigationContributor methods

    def get_active_navigation_item(self, req):
        return 'builds'

    def get_navigation_items(self, req):
        if self.nav_url:
            yield 'mainnav', 'builds', Markup('<a href="%s"%s>Builds</a>' % \
                        (self.nav_url, self.disp_tab and ' target="hudson"' or ''))

    # ITemplateProvider methods
    def get_templates_dirs(self):
        return [self.env.get_templates_dir(),
                self.config.get('trac', 'templates_dir')]

    def get_htdocs_dirs(self):
        from pkg_resources import resource_filename
        return [('HudsonTrac', resource_filename(__name__, 'htdocs'))]

    # ITimelineEventProvider methods

    def get_timeline_filters(self, req):
        if req.perm.has_permission('CHANGESET_VIEW'):
            yield ('build', 'Hudson Builds')

    def get_timeline_events(self, req, start, stop, filters):
        if isinstance(start, datetime): # Trac>=0.11
                from trac.util.datefmt import to_timestamp
                start = to_timestamp(start)
                stop = to_timestamp(stop)

        if 'build' in filters:
            add_stylesheet(req, 'HudsonTrac/hudsontrac.css')

            feed = feedparser.parse(self.feed_url, handlers=[self.bAuth, self.dAuth])

            for entry in feed.entries:
                # Only look at top-level entries
                if not self.disp_sub and entry.title.find(u'»') >= 0:

                # check time range
                completed = calendar.timegm(entry.updated_parsed)
                if completed > stop:
                if completed < start:

                # create timeline entry
                if entry.title.find('SUCCESS') >= 0:
                    message = 'Build finished successfully'
                    kind = 'build-successful'
                    message = 'Build failed'
                    kind = 'build-failed'

                href =
                title = entry.title

                url = href + '/api/json'
                line =
                json = eval(line.replace('false', 'False').replace('true','True').replace('null', 'None'))

                if json['description'] == None:
                    comment = message + ' at ' + format_datetime(completed)
                    comment = unicode(json['description'], 'utf-8') + ' at ' + format_datetime(completed)

                yield kind, href, title, completed, None, comment