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Outstanding tasks are :

+ Add icon (apple) for active item in navs.
- Fix the problem with active mainnav item.
+ Change icon for `About Trac` item in metanav (blank/ichat).
+ Add definitive image for first letter (blank/angel).
+ Add image for external links (blank/stuffitexpander).
+ Add image for download links (box/Download).
- Add styles for buttons.
- Render .menu li(s) using display: block rule.
- Add timeline icons.
- Specify all images using config options.
- Use single image (or reduce number) in styles.
+ Resize anchors in drop-down menus to fit width.
- Add images for metanav icons under `more` drop-down menu.
  * RPC
  + Developer Tools
  + Log
- Look for (main|meta)nav items and add icons 
  for each one of them (for toolbar, dock menu & metanav).
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