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TracRpc: Fixed issues with Opera & drop-down menus + hover on toolbar button

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 # Temporary folders
 # SVN entries and temp files
 graft tracmacos/htdocs
+graft tracmacos/templates


 #mainmenu>ul.menu {
   display: none;
+  left: 10px;
+  position: fixed;
+  top: 40px;
 .menu, .menu ul {
   padding: 0 1px 1px 0;
-#metanav .more ul {
-  float: right;
+#metanav .more>ul {
+  position: fixed;
+  right: 1em;
+  top: 22px;
 .menu {
   background-position: 0 0;
-#mactb .tb_br div:hover {
+#mactb .tb_br:hover {
   background-position: 0 -30px;


                 class="${(classes(first_last(idx, chrome.nav['metanav']), active=item.active) or '') + ' ' + item.name}">
-            <li class="more"> <em>more</em> ${navigation("metanav", metaitems)}</li>
+            <li class="more"> <span style="clear:both;"> <em>more</em></span> ${navigation("metanav", metaitems)}</li>
             <td id="tb_more" class="tb_td" py:if="tb_cnt &lt; len(tb_items)">
-              more
+              <em>more</em>
               ${navigation('mainnav',[itm.name for itm in tb_items[:tb_cnt]])}
             <td class="tb_td tb_br" >
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