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TracMac: Further styles for TracBrowser.

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 - Hide & show main toolbar.
 - Change style of toolbar mainnav items on hover.
 - Design further docknav icons.
+- Specify all images using config options.


   color: #0000CC;
   font-size: 10px;
   margin-bottom: 35px;
+  margin-left: 50px;
 #footer :link, #footer :visited {
   padding-left: 21px;
+#tb_searchbtn  {
+  cursor: pointer;
+  float: right;
+  padding: 10px;
 /* Dock Navigation */
 #docknav {
   white-space: nowrap;
+/* Source browser */
+.browser :link,
+.browser :visited {
+  background-color: transparent;
+  color: #0000CC;


               align: 'left',
               size: 34
-              }
-     jQuery('#docknav').jqDock(opts)
+              };
+     jQuery('#docknav').jqDock(opts);
+     jQuery('#tb_searchbtn').click(function() {
+                                      jQuery('#tb_search_form').submit();
+                                    });
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