Odd Simon Simonsen committed 9437969

0.12.3dev: Always sort report by `__group__` first if present.

It was wrong to make group order depend on a user column sort, and certainly when user sort is not supported for grouped reports. Without ordering by `__group__`, groups may appear twice or more as there is no guarantee that the outer query will return results in the same order as the subquery.

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             sort_col = req.args.get('sort', '')
             self.log.debug("Columns %r, Sort column %s" % (cols, sort_col))
             order_cols = []
+            if '__group__' in cols:
+                order_cols.append('__group__')
             if sort_col:
-                if '__group__' in cols:
-                    order_cols.append('__group__')
                 if sort_col in cols: