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1.0.2dev: PEP-0008 whitespace changes.

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File trac/web/

 from trac.web.href import Href
 from trac.web.wsgi import _FileWrapper
 class IAuthenticator(Interface):
     """Extension point interface for components that can provide the name
     of the remote user."""
             extra = m.hexdigest()
         etag = 'W/"%s/%s/%s"' % (self.authname, http_date(datetime), extra)
         inm = self.get_header('If-None-Match')
-        if (not inm or inm != etag):
+        if not inm or inm != etag:
             self.send_header('ETag', etag)
         Note that when the ``'Content-Length'`` header is specified,
         its value either corresponds to the length of *data*, or, if
-        there are multiple calls to `write`, to the cumulated length
+        there are multiple calls to `write`, to the cumulative length
         of the *data* arguments.
         if not self._write:
             # server name and port
             default_port = {'http': 80, 'https': 443}
             if self.server_port and self.server_port != \
-                   default_port[self.scheme]:
+                    default_port[self.scheme]:
                 host = '%s:%d' % (self.server_name, self.server_port)
                 host = self.server_name

File trac/web/

                             chosen_handler = self.default_handler
                     # pre-process any incoming request, whether a handler
                     # was found or not
-                    chosen_handler = self._pre_process_request(req,
-                                                            chosen_handler)
+                    chosen_handler = \
+                        self._pre_process_request(req, chosen_handler)
                 except TracError, e:
                     raise HTTPInternalError(e)
                 if not chosen_handler:
             default = self.env.config.get('trac', 'default_language', '')
             negotiated = get_negotiated_locale([preferred, default] +
-            self.log.debug("Negotiated locale: %s -> %s", preferred, negotiated)
+            self.log.debug("Negotiated locale: %s -> %s", preferred,
+                           negotiated)
             return negotiated
     def _get_lc_time(self, req):
                 f.post_process_request(req, *(None,)*extra_arg_count)
         return resp
 _slashes_re = re.compile(r'/+')
 def dispatch_request(environ, start_response):
         resp = resp or req._response or []
     except HTTPException, e:
         _send_user_error(req, env, e)
-    except Exception, e:
+    except Exception:
         send_internal_error(env, req, sys.exc_info())
     return resp
     except RequestDone:
 def send_internal_error(env, req, exc_info):
     if env:
         env.log.error("Internal Server Error: %s",
         paths = [path[:-1] for path in paths if path[-1] == '/'
                  and not any(fnmatch.fnmatch(path[:-1], pattern)
                              for pattern in ignore_patterns)]
-        env_paths.extend(os.path.join(env_parent_dir, project) \
+        env_paths.extend(os.path.join(env_parent_dir, project)
                          for project in paths)
     envs = {}
     for env_path in env_paths: