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mrowe  committed d5080ed

Prevent exception being thrown in Pool.__del__ on application shutdown due to self._core being have destroyed by stuffing the three needed methods into the Pool class object. The apr_initialize call in Pool.__init__ has also been moved into a more logical place to ensure it gets called before svn_pool_create when creating the application-level Pool object.

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 class Pool(object):
     """A Pythonic memory pool object"""
+    # Protect svn.core methods from GC
+    apr_pool_destroy = staticmethod(core.apr_pool_destroy)
+    apr_terminate = staticmethod(core.apr_terminate)
+    apr_pool_clear = staticmethod(core.apr_pool_clear)
     def __init__(self, parent_pool=None):
         """Create a new memory pool"""
         global application_pool
         self._parent_pool = parent_pool or application_pool
         # Create pool
         if self._parent_pool:
             self._pool = core.svn_pool_create(self._parent_pool())
-            self._pool = core.svn_pool_create(None)
-        self._mark_valid()
-        # Protect _core from GC
-        self._core = core
-        # If we have a parent, write down its current status
-        if not self._parent_pool:
             # If we are an application-level pool,
             # then initialize APR and set this pool
             # to be the application-level pool
             application_pool = self
+            self._pool = core.svn_pool_create(None)
+        self._mark_valid()
     def __call__(self):
         return self._pool
     def clear(self):
         """Clear embedded memory pool. Invalidate all subpools."""
-        self._core.apr_pool_clear(self._pool)
+        self.apr_pool_clear(self._pool)
     def destroy(self):
         # Destroy pool
-        self._core.apr_pool_destroy(self._pool)
+        self.apr_pool_destroy(self._pool)
         # Clear application pool and terminate APR if necessary
         if not self._parent_pool:
             application_pool = None
-            self._core.apr_terminate()
+            self.apr_terminate()
             # Refer to self using a weakreference so that we don't
             # create a reference cycle
             weakself = weakref.ref(self)
             # Set up callbacks to mark pool as invalid when parents
             # are destroyed
             self._weakref = weakref.ref(self._parent_pool._is_valid,
             # Free up memory
             del self._parent_pool
-            del self._core
             if hasattr(self, "_weakref"):
                 del self._weakref