This is a clicker sort of thing for advancing slides (or something) on your computer during a presentation. It was conceived because I didn't want to carry a laser pointer and a slide remote and I had the stuff to do it. Its still somewhat cheaper (I think) but its usability has yet to be determined.



Things included

The io-test directory contains a script that can test all of the inputs and outputs and lets you see if you hooked everything up correctly to the teensy 2.0. You'll need to open a serial port to the teensy as it will ping back telling you feedback from the sensors. IMG_2802.jpg is the schematics diagram. I used a protoboard from radioshack to do hookups.


  • Before plugging the clicker in, flip the switch to stop the clicker from sending "n" key strikes. The green LED will turn on and off whenever a "click" is sensed. Using the left potentiometer turn all the way to the left, and then adjust to the right until the LED is no longer lit. You can be a little fuzzy - just so long as the led is no longer lit. This adjusts for ambient light.
  • If you find that the slide is advancing to many times every time you hit the LDR with a laser, adjust the right potentiometer to the right to increase the delay after the slide advances the first time.
  • If you need a different key (for whatever reason), you will need to recompile the software after editing the relevant line. (Line 13)