well, that should be dotfiles

Dotfiles and other assorted goodies. Previous to 20181124 I had a separate version of my dotfiles set up online. I decided with Fedora 29 to rebuild the dotfile folder and reupload it to git.

Thanks to jglovier for an awesome logo for this repository.

I'm like hansel and gretel, leaving breadcombs to thoughts on how to work this stuff

Git tab-completion

I've also added tab completion to git via a contribution in the git source code. Should be able get it doing much the same as the geany-themes because its also supposed to be a submodule and checking only the file I need via soome sparse-checkout magic. Props to this guy for figuring it out. The commands for doing this yourself are:

git submodule add git://
echo "/contrib/completion/git-completion.bash" > .git/modules/git/info/sparse-checkout
git config --global core.sparseCheckout
git add .gitmodules git
git commit .gitmodules git
git read-tree -m -u HEAD


To get the geany themes and the git tab-completion (after cloning the repository you still need to do this), you need to run git submodule init. To update, run git submodule update.

Geany Configurations

Geany can be found at Geany. For linux, use your package manager. yum install geany geany-plugins*

I've added geany-themes to my dotfiles as a submodule, with a symbolic link linking the files to the appropriate place.