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Dotfiles and other assorted goodies.

Removes kpackagekit because its update behaviour is the most annoying ever

Git tab-completion

I've also added tab completion to git via a contribution in the git source code. Should be able get it doing much the same as the geany-themes because its also supposed to be a submodule and checking only the file I need via soome sparse-checkout magic. Props to this guy for figuring it out. The commands for doing this yourself are:

git submodule add git://
echo "contrib/completion/git-completion.bash" >> .git/info/sparse-checkout
git config --global core.sparseCheckout
git read-tree -m -u HEAD


To get the geany themes and the git tab-completion (after cloning the repository you still need to do this), you need to run git submodule init. To update, run git submodule update.

Configuration Locations

well, I forgot

Geany Configurations

Geany can be found at Geany. For linux, use your package manager. yum install geany geany-plugins*

Geany Portable is at Geany Portable

I've added geany-themes to my dotfiles as a submodule, with a symbolic link linking the files to the appropriate place.

To use the geany stuff, do this: cd ~/.config && ln -s ~/dotfiles/geany

Themes (That I use on my systems, because I want the info somewhere that I can find it ad;nasdg;jahsdlkhaskldfuashflkasjdnfkljasd)


Murrina Night Orange

echo "Sorry about that - this should be last the time you have to enter your password\n"

Software install list

Because packages change all the time

git kile meld wget pulseaudio-equalizer hexchat vlc geany gimp yakuake keepassx optipng php
dnf groupinstall -y 'Development Tools'
dnf groupinstall -y 'C Development Tools and Libraries'
dnf -y update"

Latex packages

kurier, titling

I'm like hansel and gretel, leaving breadcombs to thoughts on how to work this stuff