jackbeat crashes on startup

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Running Ubuntu Studio 10.04, jackbeat 0.7.4 consistently crashes on startup, whether jack is running or not. I'm running Fluxbox, if that helps (from the error message I wonder if it might).

End of output from command line consistently as follows:

{{{ GBU gui_builder_get_widget(): No such widget: audio_tab CAUGHT SIGSEV >> DUMPING BACKTRACE jackbeat(gui_prefs_get_named_tab_index+0x2e)[0x806a75e] jackbeat(gui_prefs_init+0x41)[0x806a9e1] jackbeat(gui_new_child+0x3ba)[0x806385a] jackbeat(gui_new+0x71)[0x8064381] jackbeat(main+0x37b)[0x8072b0b] /lib/tls/i686/cmov/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xe6)[0x1e45bd6] jackbeat[0x8055db1]


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