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MinGW cross-compiling instructions


* MinGW and Wine (aptitude install mingw wine)

* ASIO SDK extracted into ./local-libs-mingw/src/ASIOSDK2, ie::

    mkdir -p local-libs-mingw/src
    cd local-libs-mingw/src
    unzip path/to/

* Jackbeat dependencies. Use the script::

    ./ mingw

Building and packaging

To build jackbeat into ./win32-build, simply type:

    cd mingw 

Before running and/or deploying jackbeat you need to bundle dependencies into
the output directory using the package target::

    make package

Then simply double click on jackbeat.exe in ./win32-build/bin

A clean target is also available, which will remove ./win32-build::

    make clean

The win32-build folder should be relocatable. Move it whereever you need.

The provided file allows to create a windows installer using
CreateInstall Free.