More information at, or check out demo.html

* jquery.cookiesdirective.js - the jQuery plugin
* demo.html - good place to start, if you're trying to set this up
* dialog.html - a basic example of a custom dialog (only relevant to the customDialogSelector setting)
* external.js - a javascript file to grab and load to the DOM, when cookies accepted or implied consent mode running

Version 2.1.0
- Support for completely customizing dialog and its content

Version 2.0.1
- .live('click'... replaced with .click() as former deprecated 
- Removed old 1.5.js script from this package

Version 2.0.0 
- jQuery is ubiquitous. Script isn't checking/finding/loading it for you anymore
- Rewritten as a jQuery plugin
- Options. Lots of them. Configure lots of things
- Implied consent mode. For the UK. The ICO said it's ok. So less clicking and won't hold back your cookie setting scripts.

Version 1.5
- Old javascript version. No longer maintained.