Flash messaging for fresco web applications

fresco-flash provides a mechanism for displaying messages to end users in a web application. Messages can be sent across requests: you can generate a message in a view that returns a redirect response and the message will display on the next page loaded.

Example usage:

from fresco import FrescoApp
from fresco_flash import FlashMiddleware, flash

# Create a fresco app with the flash messaging middleware enabled
app = FrescoApp()

# Create some flash messages to be shown to the user
flash.info('Thanks for signing up!')
flash.warn('Did you remember to feed the cat?')
flash.error('Too many elephants: increase bun supply before proceeding.')

# Display messages to the user
<py:for each="level, item in flash.messages()">
    <div class="message $level">$item</div>

Including HTML in messages

Messages are automatically escaped for HTML using MarkupSafe. If you want to include unescaped HTML in flash messages, wrap them in markupsafe.Markup first:

from markupsafe include Markup

flash.info(Markup('<blink>Insert coin for new game</blink>'))