1. Clone this repository:

    $ hg clone https://ollyc@bitbucket.org/ollyc/ojnh-website
  2. Create and initialize a virtualenv:

    $ cd ojnh-website
    $ virtualenv ./_virtualenv
    $ ./_virtualenv/bin/pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Build the pages:

    $ make clean
    $ make

This will create files in a directory called build. You can check it has built everything correctly by running:

$ (cd build && python -m http.server 8080)

Then open http://localhost:8000/ in a web browser

Managing and updating the site

The site is built using a static site generator, https://bitbucket.org/ollyc/pages/

  • To edit pages, change the files in src as required, then run make.
  • Add new images, pdfs or other media files in the static directory (then run make).
  • Make global changes to the site template by editing templates/index.html (then make clean && make)
  • Update the stylesheets by editing the files in static/css (and then run make)

If the site does not build correctly, run make clean && make to build everything from scratch.

The static site generator is configured in config.py.

Uploading to the server

Run make upload to upload changes to the server