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Bumped version number for dev
Added tag 0.1.5 for changeset b9c620a3b650
Bumped version number for release
Updated README to provide instructions for SQLAlchemy
Be defensive when calling SQLAlchemy session.delete() This method can cause exceptions if the object is pending, or already deleted. In the former case we just need to make sure it is removed from the pending list (via expunge), and in the latter it should be safe to ignore the exception.
Updated changelog
Fixed error in teardown for LazyRecorderFactory
Correctly license all source files
Expanded metadata to improve PyPI visibility
Bumped version number for dev
Added tag 0.1.4 for changeset 2a1d76633369
Bumped version number for release
Remove setup_requires/test_requires from We use tox for testing now, so these are no longer necessary and just muddy the water.
Added a TestWithFixture class for automatic fixture setup/teardown
LazyRecorderFactory resolves nested LazyRecorderFactory objects found in args class fixture(Fixture): butter = Factory(str, 'butter') fly = butter.replace('b', Factory(str, 'fl')) The ``Factory(str, 'fl')`` argument will now be resolved correctly during fixture setup. This is most useful for the data mapper, where you can now do things like this: F = StormFactory.configure(...) class fixture(Fixture): color = F.mapper.find(Color, na…
Reorganize test suite
Added description field
Bumped version number for dev
Added tag 0.1.3 for changeset 22871b9bd5e8
Bumped version number for release
Updated changelog
Added 'mapper' attribute to DataMapper factories This allows direct access to the mapper object when creating fixtures
Added note to readme about experimental SQLAlchemy support
Added readme note for double underscore syntax for subobject assignment
Removed unused git files
Added SQLAlchemyFactory
Hoist most of the StormFactory implementation into a generic _DataMapperFactory Most of the storm implementation will work for SQLAlchemy with just minor changes (eg 'remove' will need to become 'delete' in sqlalchemy land).
Bumped version number for dev
Added tag 0.1.2 for changeset be347c61ef3a
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