Status and License provides miscellaneous utility functions used across projects developed by the author. is written by Jason R. Coombs. It is licensed under an MIT-style permissive license.

You can install it with easy_install or check out the source from the mercurial repository.

DNS Forwarding Service includes a DNS forwarding service for Windows. This is because Microsoft appears to be unable to bind to 6 to 4 and Teredo addresses with their production DNS Server. After installing, the service executable is available as %PYTHON%Scriptsdns-forward-service.exe. In addition to the documented install/uninstall/start/stop commands, it's also possible to configure a bind address with the -b option. For example:

dns-forward-service -b 2002:41de:a625::41de:a625 install

The service will be installed and the bind address will be stored in HKLMSoftwarejaraco.netDNS Forwarding ServiceListen Address. Note that the service must be restarted to recognize an updated bind address.



  • Added, a urllib2.Request subclass which takes a 'method' parameter.
  • Consolidated many functions from to classes in
  • whois-bridge now runs the daemon. A new script whois-bridge-service is installed on Windows only and specifically invokes the service.
  • Removed cookies module.
  • Refactored dnsbl module. Replaced lookup_host with Service.lookup_all. See the module for other interface changes.
  • Removed headers module (was experimental, now abandoned).
  • Removed html module (it depends on htmllib, which was deprecated).


  • Added web-tail command, which "tails" a file, serving the content over http to multiple clients (requires CherryPy).


  • Added, featuring URLImporter.
  • Added, a cherrypy app to report the content type of uploaded content.


  • Added directory listing support to serve-local.


  • Added simple script for creating a directory index (used for legacy support).
  • Added command script "serve-local" which uses cherrypy to serve the current directory on port 8080.


  • Fixed issue where passing a numeric host to scanner would be detected as a named host.
  • Fixed HTTP server to work with multipart requests.
  • Pickling in http.cache.CachedResponse is now less depedent on the actual implementation.
  • Added tail module that utilizes CherryPy to serve the tail of a file.
  • Fixed issue in setup script with deprecated hgtools usage.
  • Using argparse and enabling logging config in ntp module.


  • Added package. Includes a Manager class for retrieving MAC addresses and IP addresses on the host.
  • Created package (from module of the same name)
  • Added, an early attempt at providing a CachingHandler for urllib2 with HTTP protocol support.
  • Added a simple echo server.
  • Added http-headers command.


  • Added function wait_for_host to icmp lib
  • Added support for a custom bind address to the DNS Forwarding Service


  • Added rss module (migrated from jaraco.util)


  • Initial release.