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1.1.0b1 2011-05-12

- support for tagged WMS source names: wms:lyr1,lyr2
- new Mapserver source type
- new Mapnik source type
- new mapproxy-util command
- include development server (``mapproxy-util serve-develop``)
- first WMTS implementation (KVP)
- configurable image formats
- support for ArcGIS tile sources (/L09/R00000005/C0000000d)
- support for bbox parameter for tile sources

- tweaked watermarks on transparent images
- [mapproxy-seed] initialize MapProxy logging before seeding
- authentication callbacks get environ and qusery_extent
- authentication callbacks can force HTTP 401 returns
- hide error tracebacks from YAML parser
- support for multipolygons in coverages
- add support for HTTP_X_SCRIPT_NAME
- support for integer images (e.g. 16bit grayscale PNG)

- fixes demo on Windows (loaded static content from wrong path)
- fixed one-off error with grid.max_res: last resolution is now < max_res
  e.g. min_res: 1000 max_res: 300 -> now [1000, 500], before [1000, 500, 250]
- add workaround for Python bug #4606 (segfaults during projection on 64bit
- do not add attribution to WMS-C responses

- removed Paste dependencies
- removed deprecated mapproxy-cleanup tool, feature included in mapproxy-seed

1.0.0 2011-03-03

- no changes since 1.0.0rc1

1.0.0rc1 2011-02-25

- handle epsg:102100 and 102113 as equivalents to 900913/3857

- fixed attribution placement and padding

1.0.0b2 2011-02-18

- [mapproxy-seed] support for configuration includes in mapproxy.yaml (base)
- [mapproxy-seed] updated config templates
- KML: reduce number of required KML requests
- KML: improve superoverlays with res_factor != 2

- [mapproxy-seed] apply globals from mapproxy.yaml during seed
- fix tile_lock cleanup
- merging of cache sources with only tile sources failed

1.0.0b1 2011-02-09

- [mapproxy-seed] separated seed and cleanup tasks; call tasks independently 
- XSL transformation of WMS FeatureInfo responses
- content aware merging of multiple XML/HTML FeatureInfo repsonses
- FeatureInfo types are configurable with wms.featureinfo_types
- request cascaded sources in parallel (with threading or eventlet)
  with new wms.concurrent_layer_renderer option
- disable GetMap requests for WMS sources (for FeatureInfo only sources)
- new cache.disable_storage option
- authorization framework
- new image.transparent_color option: replaces color with full transparency
- new image.opacity option: blend between opaque layers
- new watermark.spacing option: place watermark on every other tile
- new wms.on_source_errors option: capture errors and display notice in
  response image when some sources did not respond
- support for custom http headers for requests to sources
- add support for http options for tile source (user/password, https ssl
  options, headers, timeout)

- [mapproxy-seed] enhanced CLI (summary and interactive mode)
- combine requests to the same WMS URL
- support for local SLD files (sld: file://sld.xml)
- changed watermark color to gray: improves readability on full transparent
- support for transparent/overlayed tile sources
- renamed thread_pool_size to concurrent_tile_creators
- tweaked KML level of detail parameters to fix render issues in Google Earth 
  with tilted views

- rounding errors in meta-tile size calculation for meta_buffer=0
- work with upcomming PIL 1.2 release

0.9.1 2011-01-10

- fixed regression in mapproxy_seed
- resolve direct WMS request issues with equal but not same
  SRS (e.g. 900913/3857)

0.9.1rc2 2010-12-20

- Allow nested layer configurations (layer groups/trees)
- Support custom path to libproj/libgdal with MAPPROXY_LIB_PATH environ
- Look for xxx if libxxx returned no results.
- Limit lat/lon bbox in WMS capabilities to +-89.999999 north/south values

- bug fix for threshold_res that overlap with the stretch_factor

0.9.1rc1 2010-12-07

- WMS 1.1.0 support
- Coverage support (limit sources to areas via WKT/OGC polygons)
- new base option to reuse configurations
- ScaleHint support (min/max_res, min/max_scale)
- Support for multiple MapProxy configurations in one process with distinct
  global/cache/source/etc. configurations
- New MultiMapProxy: dynamically load multiple configurations (experimental)
- threshold_res option for grids: switch cache levels at fixed resolutions
- seed_only option for sources: allows offline usage
- GetLegendGraphic support
- SLD support for WMS sources

- concurrent_requests limit is now per unique hostname and not per URL
- concurrent_requests can be set with globals.http.concurrent_requests
- font_size of watermark is now configurable
- improved configuration loading time and memory consumption
- make use of PyYAML's C extension if available
- cache projection attributes in SRS objects for better performance
- try system wide projection definitions first, then fallback to defaults
  (e.g. for EPSG:900913)
- trailing slash is now optional for /tms/1.0.0
- support for http.ssl_ca_cert for each WMS source
- support for http.client_timeout for each WMS source (Python >=2.6)

- removed start up error on systems where proj4 misses EPSG:3857
- fixed color error for transparent PNG8 files
- fixed links in demo service when URL is not /demo/
- removed memory leak proj4 wrapper
- fixed mapproxy-seed -f option
- tests work without Shapely

0.9.0 2010-10-18

- minor bug fixes

0.9.0rc1 2010-10-13

- new OpenLayers-based '/demo' service that shows all configured WMS/TMS layers
- display welcome message at '/' instead of 'not found' error
- less rigid feature info request parser (no error with missing style or format
  parameters). Use wms.strict to enable OCG compliant mode.
- updated tempita to 0.5

0.9.0b2 2010-09-20

- new minimize_meta_requests option
- moved python implementation dependent code to mapproxy.platform module

0.9.0b1 2010-08-30

- Improved support for EPSG:3857
- Source requests now never go beyond the grid BBOX even with meta_buffers/meta_tiles
- removed install_requires
  - flup: not required for all deployment options
  - tempita: now embeded
- now Python 2.7 compatible
- [mapproxy-seed] fixed libgdal loading on some Linux systems
- [mapproxy-seed] check for intersections on all levels
- add origin options to /tiles service to support Google Maps clients
- Improved PNG performance with PIL fastpng branch.
- New concurrent_requests option to limit requests for each source WMS server.
- minor bug fixes

0.9.0a1 2010-07-27

- new configuration format (merged proxy.yaml and service.yaml)
- refactoring of the caching (sources and layers)
- large refactoring of the package layout

- pyproj dependency is not required when libproj is available
- removed jinja dependency

- more options to define tile grids (min_res, max_res, etc.)

0.8.4 2010-08-01

- Extra newline at the end of all templates. Some deployment setups
  removed the last characters.
- Improved PNG performance with PIL fastpng branch.
- New concurrent_requests option to limit requests for each source WMS server.

0.8.3 2010-06-01

- Some bug fixes regarding feature info
- The configured resolutions are sorted

0.8.3rc2 2010-05-25

- HTTPS support with certificate verification and HTTP Basic-
- New `use_direct_from_level` and `use_direct_from_res` options to
  disable caching for high resolutions.
- New `cache_tiles` source for more flexible tile-based sources
  Supports url templates like '/tiles?x=%(x)s&y=%(y)s&level=%(z)s'
  and Quadkeys as used by Bing-Maps. (as suggested by Pascal)
- You can limit the SRS of a source WMS with the `supported_srs`
  option. MapProxy will reproject between cached/requested SRS and
  the supported. This also works with direct layers, i.e. you can
  reproject WMS on-the-fly.

0.8.3rc1 2010-04-30

- new improved seed tool
  - seed polygon areas instead BBOX (from shapefiles, etc)
  - advanced seeding strategy
  - multiprocessing

- new link_single_color_images layer option. multiple "empty" tiles will
  be linked to the same image. (Unix only)
- fixed transparency for image parts without tiles
- log HTTP requests to servers regardless of the success
- made proj4 data dir configurable
- use same ordering of layers in service.yaml for capabilities documents
  (use list of dicts in configuration, see docs)
- performance improvements for requests with multiple layers and
  for layers with smaler BBOXs

0.8.2 2010-04-13

- no changes since 0.8.2rc1

0.8.2rc1 2010-04-01

- add fallback if PIL is missing TrueType support
- use zc.lockfile for locking
- improved logging:

  - log to stdout when using develop.ini
  - add %(here)s support in log.ini (changed from {{conf_base_dir}})
  - do not enable ConcurrentLogHandler by default

0.8.1 2010-03-25

- improved performance for simple image transformation
  (same srs and same resolution) #4

0.8.0 2010-03-22

- initial release