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update metadata
set docformat for api documentation
updated documentation
fixed case of schema filename for casesensitive file systems
improved documentation; added deployment and development documentation
some projected srs use north/east axis order. added support to explicitly set axis order in
calculate server bbox from all layers
show how to check the installed version in install documentation
set HTTPClient user-agent to MapProxy-version... closes #2
read version string from pkg_resources. closes #1
minor improvements in install documentation
fixed flup version in install_requires
use instead of 0.8.0dev as current version build tag
updated requirements
add README.txt and CHANGES.txt
add classifiers to
add CHANGES.txt file
add license header to all .py files
add first documentation
removed old scripts. functionality replaced by paster
add fee to example services.yaml
support for epydoc api documentation: new distutils command (build_api), epydoc configuration, ignore api/
reload MapProxy in development mode when a configuration file changes
updated requirements
add comments to example configurations
fixed resampling for simple transformation
add empty styles param to wms requests if they are missing
ignore var/ tmp/ and hidden files
add configuration templates
remove non-existant files from; fixed naming of LICENSE
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