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bumped version
add required python version to classifiers and install doc
improved CHANGES.txt
add note that YAML requires spaces and no tabulators
Added tag r0.8.2rc1 for changeset d3f9c3413763
updated CHANGES.txt for 0.8.2rc1
improved logging: support for %(here)s in log.ini, support for log conf in config.ini, removed ConcurrentLogHandler dependency
removed complexity of FileLock, reuse zc.lockfile
add comments
fixed case of schema filename for casesensitive file systems
simplified FileLock: do not check for executable name; use /proc check on linux and os.kill on other platforms
do not check for error message in test server teardown
only log PIL TrueType font waring once
encode message to ascii if PIL fails to encode (when using default font)
put basic logging configuration into develop.ini; renamed log.ini to example_log.ini
add ConcurrentRotatingFileHandler wrapper that uses config.abspath to resolve relative path
fall back to PIL's default font if it is not build with freetype support
Added tag r0.8.1 for changeset cb330b6a33c1
new 0.8.1 release
improve _transform_simple performance: use crop image operation when the resolution of src and dst are the same(closes #4)
use 256px tilesize in example conf, so that it can be used as TMS in tilecache
Added tag r0.8.0 for changeset d58ab3c8ed38
update metadata
set docformat for api documentation
updated documentation
fixed case of schema filename for casesensitive file systems
improved documentation; added deployment and development documentation
some projected srs use north/east axis order. added support to explicitly set axis order in
calculate server bbox from all layers
show how to check the installed version in install documentation
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