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Greg Corradini
created an issue

After creating conf.py wsgi script: {{{


mapproxy-util create -t wsgi-app -f mapproxy.yaml config.py }}}

I noticed the commented out lines: {{{


from logging.config import fileConfig

import os.path

fileConfig('./log.ini', {'here': os.path.dirname(file)})


Is log.ini path supposed to be set by user here? Or is log.ini supposed to be created along with conf.py in the mapproxy working directory with the wsgi script command at the top?

It would be nice if something was explicitly stated in the conf.py in regards to log.ini.


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  1. Greg Corradini reporter


    I still think it would be useful to have some comments in the conf.py file regarding how to create the log.ini file with the command:

    mapproxy-util create -t log-ini log.ini

    Though i was able to find the documentation on the logging that answered my initial questions on what the user is supposed to do in the conf.py file to setup the log.ini path at this link:



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