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The objective of this project is to see if we can leverage Mallard as a means to generate localized user documentation for the Meego project.

Currently, the information is copied straight from Meego's Help website and written into individual files that follow a HTML-like format as can be seen below:

<page xmlns=""

        <title type="link">Meego Help</title>
        <title type="text">Meego Help</title>
        <revision pkgversion="0.1" version="0.1" date="2010-06-15" status="draft"/>
        <credit type="author">
            <name>Og Maciel</name>
            <p>Creative Commons Share Alike 3.0</p>
    <title>Netbook | Meego Help</title>

    <media type="image" mime="image/png" src="figures/splash-netbooks.png" style="top" />

    <section id="firstrow" style="2column" />
    <section id="secondrow" style="2column" />
    <section id="thirdrow" style="2column" />

These can then be used to generate a message catalog (i.e. POT file). If we wanted to create a file named meego-help.pot, we'd run:

xml2po -o meego-help.pot *.page

Once translation files (i.e. *.po) are available, we can then generate localized pages. I'm currently working on a shell script ( that we could add to the repository commit hook and have this step automated.

To play with the current document, run:

yelp help/C

Default help text in English

Front page

Getting started

About toolbar

Default help text localized

Localized help