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Issue #11 resolved
Tim Keller created an issue

Submitter: DJ Omnimaga

Priority: Medium

Location: Forum

Issue: We can no longer delete our own posts when it's the last post in a topic. While disallowing deleting the other posts we made earlier in a topic might be for the best (in case an angry user ragequits then delete his 2000 posts as revenge), it would be nice if we could delete our own post if no other reply was made to it, so that way, we can clear accicental double-posts ourselves.

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  1. Tim Keller reporter

    I need someone else to verify this before i tackle it. Shy of using a test account. Any takers?

  2. Nathaniel van Diepen

    @Geekboy1011 have you asked anybody to verify or done any testing with a dummy account?

  3. Nathaniel van Diepen

    @Geekboy1011 Poke? Could you please reply with the status, even if it's that there is no update yet?

  4. Tim Keller reporter

    I actually think I meant to close this and mark it a non issue. I would rather uses use the report button and have the moderation team do clean up then give them the ability to do so them selves. In case people post trash talk then delete it after another individual sees it or starts a reply and does not see that it is deleted. It also can accidentally break the flow of a thread.

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