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Issue #14 wontfix
Nathaniel van Diepen created an issue

Submitted: 3/26/2014 11:58:13

Submitter: DJ Omnimaga


Request: Host the Axe Parser wiki yourselves rather than having it on someone else's server (ie Juju's) that risks shutting down at any moment and put a link to it in the Omnimaga tools navigation dropdown.

Also, if possible, make it so instead of requiring a Mediawiki account, it simply shares your Omnimaga account.

I think that's how the Doors CS and Prizm Wikis on Cemetech works.

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  1. Nathaniel van Diepen reporter

    Hosting a wiki requires a lot of work due to how full of security holes I've found mediawiki to be. We will not be hosting it ourselves, but we will provide a domain name for it.

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