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Issue #3 resolved
Former user created an issue
  • The lines of strikeouts and underlines are too light

  • When creating or modifying a post, the [spoiler] button is missing; instead there is a [suspicious] feature which doesn't seem to work (at least on the preview)

  • Dragging the bottom of a text editor field to make it smaller is very buggy

Browser: Google Chrome 33.0

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  1. Sorunome

    @Eeems underline is good, striketrhough is a bit low in FX, though, but I can't find a CSS property for that, and it's the same low-ness on other sites, so I guess it's a browser thing?

  2. Nathaniel van Diepen

    I just checked myself about strikethrough. I'm a little confused since when I test, the strikethrough seems fine to me. Must be a system font thing.


    I'll resolve the issue.

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