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  1. Nathaniel van Diepen

    I believe it would be similar to Cemetech's integration. Any new tweets with the #omnimaga hashtag would show up in the channel? Possibly also show any of the @Omnimaga tweets and replies?

  2. Sorunome reporter

    Showing Omnimaga tweets would be kinda useless, though, as they are 99% the news articles which already get notified with OmnomIRC. Maybe the #omnimaga hashtag, then.

  3. Sorunome reporter

    Oh, i meant originally writing an IRC bot thing that just relays stuff.....however I currently don't have the time for that :( I have an IRC engine in python, if that is any help

  4. Nathaniel van Diepen

    @Sorunome since you don't have time for this, could you un-assign yourself for now so someone else can pick it up if they want.

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