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Tim Keller created an issue

I found it on accident when i could not find it looking. But i found it and have sorted it accordingly its ready to be rehosted and such. Lead the way people

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  1. Nathaniel van Diepen

    Can I have some more information on it?

    • Size this will be on disk?
    • Do we have a domain?
    • Should we enable uploading?
    • Should we just put it under img.ourl.ca?
  2. Tim Keller reporter

    Its 2.5GB and about 7900 images, We do not have a domain and we have img.ourl.ca for our current uploaded (aka no uploading needed), I would suggest putting it up on its own subdomain or somethign we own and link fixing on the forum. At least this way the archives will load correctly.

  3. Nathaniel van Diepen

    @Sorunome Could you look into this? Since you are hosting img.ourl.ca, this should be restored to there. You can also poke me about getting ourl.ca to convert links if you'd like. This way other sites have a way to do the convert as well.

  4. Nathaniel van Diepen

    Potentially, how does the RFG url scheme work? We'd want whatever your urls are to be easy to get to from a RFG one for ourl.ca conversion.

  5. Sorunome

    backups are online, time to write hte conversion script thingy, maybe convert all the [img] things in the DB and then news about it?

    EDIT: gaah how do i change asignee to @eeems

  6. Nathaniel van Diepen

    @Sorunome to change the assignee you edit the entire task. As for the conversion script on our database that should be fairly simple with some sql. Providing a tool for others would require updating ssi_eeems and ourl.ca

  7. Sorunome

    so what's to do is find http://img.removedfromgame.com/<stuff> and replace with https://img.ourl.ca/rfg/<stuff>

  8. Nathaniel van Diepen

    A simple update with a replace should handle this in our database. I'll write something up tomorrow or tonight and update ourl.ca's conversion stuff.

  9. Nathaniel van Diepen

    Replied to the news article topic. You can probably post about Sourcery of Uvuntu separately for now. We'll post about the rfg images when we actually get the conversion script run etc.

  10. Sorunome

    I thought you'd just run the DB update some time today and after that the news article can be published? I made sure to not mention anything about a conversion script in the article, heehee

  11. Nathaniel van Diepen

    I said I'd write something, not that I'd update the database and implement it by tonight. We need to properly test this.

    As for the article, I do want to mention a conversion script. That way Cemetech et al can make use of it for their conversions if they want.

  12. Nathaniel van Diepen

    I guess I should get around to writing the conversion script. Similar to the one we used when converting all of our old Omnimaga links.

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