# Stuff Management

A web(browser) based inventory management system.

Designed for internal use at OMNIvision, but hopefully useful outside.

## To get started:


hopefully, that should get you a local development server running on
port 5000.

    ./ waitress

should get you a more production stable server running, although if you're going to put it somewhere on the public internet, you should run it behind a reverse proxy such as nginx.

## TODO:

This is just a random list of things which are still needed to be done:

- Spare parts
- Manufacteror / etc. views & linking in.
- Reschedulable / general maintenance.
- re-write events stuff sans. knockout, and link in / finalise packing lists.
- packing list printing.
- scan-in, scan-out custom views.
- overview / dashboard(s)
- user(s) & permissions.

And other projects:

- Would re-writing a lot of the views as angular stuff actually be helpful?