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Fix typo/misspelling in variable name.

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                    [enable OSHMEM profiling (default: enabled)]))
 if test "$enable_oshmem_profile" != "no"; then
-    oshmem_progiling_support=1
+    oshmem_profiling_support=1
-    oshmem_progiling_support=0
+    oshmem_profiling_support=0
-AM_CONDITIONAL(OSHMEM_PROFILING, test "$oshmem_progiling_support" = 1)
+AM_CONDITIONAL(OSHMEM_PROFILING, test "$oshmem_profiling_support" = 1)
 # Whether to build the OpenShmem fortran support or not For the
 # moment, use the same value as was derived from --enable-mpi-fortra.
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