Jeff Squyres committed c604cfe Draft

Fixes #3639: Please move mxm fix to v1.7


r28648 [[BR]]
fix: detect threading model to take appropriate flow in mxm

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 #include "opal/mca/base/mca_base_param.h"
 #include "ompi/proc/proc.h"
 #include "opal/memoryhooks/memory.h"
+#include "ompi/runtime/mpiruntime.h"
 #include "mtl_mxm.h"
 #include "mtl_mxm_types.h"
         MXM_VERBOSE(1, "Disabling on-demand memory mapping");
         ompi_mtl_mxm.using_mem_hooks = 0;
+    setenv("MXM_SINGLE_THREAD", ompi_mpi_thread_multiple ? "n" : "y" , 0);
     err = mxm_config_read_context_opts(&ompi_mtl_mxm.mxm_opts);
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