ompi-svn-mirror / README.WINDOWS

The actual version of Open MPI compile and run under Windows. The simplest
way to get access to a windows distribution is to download one from the
download section on the Open MPI web site (

The rest of this document is only for confirmed developpers, who has spare
time or an urgent necessity to compile their own windows version.

Compiling Open MPI natively on Windows require several tools. Of course
one need the Microsoft Visual Studio for their C/C++ compiler as well as
for the ml (assembler compiler) and the link utilities. But the current
version require some GNU tools as well. Here is the list of such tools:
1. Download any Unix for Windows environment. I have sucesfully used
  cygwin and minGW.
2. Make the default shell ash.exe (install it if it's not installed by
  default) as it will higly decrease the configuration and compilation
3. Download a very recent libtool (I'm using the pre 2.0 from their CVS HEAD).

Now you should be set. The most difficult part is done. Just use your favorite
shell to get a window, go in the ompi directory and ... do like in any
UNIX environments: configure and make.

All questions, complaints and requests about the Windows port should be sent 
by email to bosilca at open-mpi dot org.

  And don't forget: have as much fun as I had doing this port :)
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