Mark Moll committed c8e0d48

minor fix for SPARS* planners

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         PRM_cls.add_registration_code('def("solve", &PRM_wrapper::solve)')
         PRM_cls.add_registration_code('def("solve", timed_solve_function_type(&ompl::base::Planner::solve))')
+        # only export time-based solve function of SPARS and SPARStwo classes.
+        self.ompl_ns.member_functions('solve', arg_types=['::ompl::base::PlannerTerminationCondition const &', 'unsigned int']).exclude()
         # Py++ seems to get confused by virtual methods declared in one module
         # that are *not* overridden in a derived class in another module. The
         # Planner class is defined in ompl::base and two of its virtual methods,