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Hi everyone,

I'm Mattia from Italy. I installed OMPLapp but i get this error when running it

File "./", line 40, in <module> from ompl.util import OutputHandler, useOutputHandler, LogLevel File "/home/mattia/omplapp/ompl/py-bindings/ompl/util/", line 4, in <module> from ompl.util._util import *

The gui doesn't start. I also tried to cmake again but it doesn't work. Another thing that i noticed is that when i'm running the "test" and i arrive at step 12(or 13 can't remember) the testing process doesn't continue so i ctrl+c.

Any help?

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  1. Mark Moll

    Did you make the python bindings at some point? You need to install Py++, generate, and compile the bindings like so:

    make installpyplusplus
    make -j5 generate_bindings
    make -j5
  2. Mattia Gallegati

    Hi Mark thanks for your help! Finally it worked, now my gui starts. I had to clean all the bindings and then rebuild them again, BUT now that my gui starts it doesn't work, when i try to load an environment (.dae) from the folder downloaded with all the package, it creates me a Core Dump. Sometimes it print me a "stack trace" of the error.. The test 13 -> test_2denvs_geometric remains blocked while executing so i suppose that it does not pass. Just for info when cmake in the middle of the output it says: "CCD library not found. Will download and compile" "FCL library not found. Will download and compile"

    Any idea? It is important for me to have all this things working, i'm going to take a degree soon and i need all this programs. I'm running a Xbuntu 13.04 OS. No words to thank you. Let me know what i must show you to "help you in order to help me haha".

  3. Mark Moll

    Does it crash with one of the bundled collada files (in omplapp/resources)? If so, which ones? A stack trace would definitely be helpful. The messages about FCL and DCD are harmless.

  4. Mattia Gallegati

    Hi mark, thanks for responding me. The core dump creates everything i do. Loading an environment (from the resource), a robot, and also if i for example try to interact with the main windows for example trying to set a start position. It doesn't prints me any stack trace no more (don't ask me why). It only tell's me: (python:26534): gtk-CRITICAL **: IA_gtk_widget_get_direction: assertion_WIDGET (widget)' failed when i interact with the view. As soon as i get a stack trace i will send it to you. If i'm not bothering you i've got another question: I want to create a 2D space (x,y,yaw), on that space i will put some obstacles, I want to know in some way wich (x,y) coord are not free from obstacles. Any help? Should i use Moveit? How can i create a list (or a matrix) with all the (x,y) coord with obstacles?

    Best Regards Mark

  5. Mark Moll

    That is odd, because uses PyQt or PySide, not GTK for GUI widgets. Can you on another machine that runs something other than Xubuntu and see if you still get the error? Re. your other question, please use the ompl-users mailing list for that.

  6. Mattia Gallegati

    Ok, i'm downloading a new distro of Linux. Meanwhile i noticed that if I exec "env" i have no PYTHONPATH variable. Also I don't know where to read the cmake_install_prefix. I tried the same installation on the same distro over over again. same error. What i did was: 1)download and extract the archive IN MY HOME folder 2)follow the instructions on the site until the last step, because i thought I was ok with the library or the env variable.

    How can we check this out? Thanks


  7. Mark Moll

    Can you go to your omplapp source directory and copy/paste the following commands:

    mkdir -p build/test
    cd build/test
    cmake ../..
    make update_bindings
    make -j 4

    Please attach all output of these commands to this ticket.

  8. Mattia Gallegati

    Hi Mark, I finally got it working, with another distro. I used the normal ubuntu and not xbuntu. I want to thank you a lot for all your help. Now if i got some questions on creating a new planner and things like that i must e-mail the mailing list of ompl? Thnaks a lot

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