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The Open Motion Planning Library (OMPL)

Linux / OS X Build Status Windows Build status

Visit the OMPL installation page for detailed installation instructions.

OMPL has the following required dependencies:

  • Boost (version 1.48 or higher)
  • CMake (version 2.8.7 or higher)

The following dependencies are optional:

  • ODE (needed to compile support for planning using the Open Dynamics Engine)
  • Py++ (needed to generate Python bindings)
  • Doxygen (needed to create a local copy of the documentation at http://ompl.kavrakilab.org/core)
  • Eigen (needed for an informed sampling technique to improve the optimization of path length)

Once dependencies are installed, you can build OMPL on Linux, OS X, and MS Windows. Go to the top-level directory of OMPL and type the following commands:

mkdir -p build/Release
cd build/Release
cmake ../..
# next step is optional
make -j 4 update_bindings # if you want Python bindings
make -j 4 # replace "4" with the number of cores on your machine