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Akka Open Chord is released under GNU General Public License. A copy of it is
contained in the archives in a file named license.txt.
A copy of the license can be found at http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html.


- Java 1.5 (javac compiler specifically)

- Scala 2.11.7

- SBT to compile AKKA Open Chord.

Available files: 

Akka-Open-Chord: Contains the complete Open Chord version 1.x.x with src,
documentation, and compiled files.


Just unzip the desired zip file to any directory.
From here, get into the Akka-Open-Chord folder using a terminal.
To run the program, simply type in "sbt run"
if you wish to recompile the code at any point, just type in "sbt clean"
and then run it again.

The manual of the original Open Chord is located in directory docs/manual as pdf file.
The Akka-Open-Chord works the same way as the original except that it can only do
remote networks. Everything that is possible as a remote network will run on Akka-Open-Chord.