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 ``ipyfield`` provides a model field for 
 `django <>`_
-that allows the storage of an ip address as a ``BigInt`` on the db side by 
-using `IPy <>`_ to handle 
+that allows the storage of an ip address as a "pretend" ``PositiveBigInt``
+(currently ``varchar(39)`` until I can figure out how to get an unsigned 64bit
+integer column across all supported DBs)
+on the db side by using `IPy <>`_ to handle
 conversion to an ``IPy.IP`` instance (or ``None``) on the python side. 
 to ``IPy.IP`` yourself and use the resulting instance as your filter parameter.
+* figure out how to build an appropriately sized integer field across all DBs.
+    Added south
     IPy.IP instance raises exception when compared to a non-IP instance. This
     becomes an issue when you get into ModelForm validation (didn't come up when