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Issue #2 resolved

Better Pre-Launch options

Owen Nelson
repo owner created an issue

Right now, the "test" option is kind of flawed in that it's impossible to preview the message without actually launching the campaign.

The reason for this is image and link urls are totally dependent on the target id. In order to get this working correctly we need a campaign specific url that will not log a "hit" when followed. We could change the url pattern for image and link urls to include the campaign id, and the target id (but use an invalid target id for testing).

It would also be nice if we could select a recipient for the test email, rather than only being able to send to the current logged in user.

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  1. Owen Nelson reporter
    • changed status to open

    if we add a campaign id to the urls for image/link views, we can set the target id to 0 and still use the same pattern. Alternatively, we can double the patterns, having *test* version of each.

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