1. Owen Nelson
  2. django-trawler


django-trawler / trawler / sass / partials / _base.scss

// Here is where you can define your constants for your application and to configure the blueprint framework.
// Feel free to delete these if you want keep the defaults:

$blueprint-grid-columns: 24;
$blueprint-container-size: 950px;
$blueprint-grid-margin: 10px;

// Use this to calculate the width based on the total width.
// Or you can set $blueprint-grid-width to a fixed value and unset $blueprint-container-size -- it will be calculated for you.
$blueprint-grid-width: ($blueprint-container-size + $blueprint-grid-margin) / $blueprint-grid-columns - $blueprint-grid-margin;

$font-color: #cdc;
$link-color: #97e;
$link-hover-color: #9f8;

$blueprint-background-color: #232323;