Owen Nelson committed 7294255

setting a max width for images in the preview panel and adding the stripped bg image to the manifest (refs #1).

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 include wmd/static/wmd/License.txt
 recursive-include wmd/templates *.html
 include wmd/static/wmd/jquery.wmd.min.js
-include wmd/static/wmd/jquery.wmd.js
 include wmd/static/wmd/jquery-1.4.4.min.js
 include wmd/static/wmd/wmd.css
 include wmd/static/wmd/images/wmd-buttons.png
+include wmd/static/wmd/images/stripe.gif

File wmd/static/wmd/wmd.css

-.wmd-preview img
     min-width: 300px;
     max-width: 800px;
+.wmd-preview img {
+    max-width: 740px;
 .wmd-preview * {
     /* some elements have ``background: inherit`` so this prevents the background image tiling incorrectly */
     background-image: none;