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Issue #4 resolved

Rename project to be non-wmd specific

Owen Nelson
repo owner created an issue

So, I like the wmd editor and all, but it's kind of in a sorry state. I've had to use an older version (from 2009) in order to get this out the door with minimal fuss. Additionally, the newer versions (wmd-new) appear to have a wide range of issues associated with them.

I know of one other rte (MarkItUp) that works with markdown, and I'd like the option of including it in this package. Much, much further down the line, I'd also be interested in building something from scratch on top of jquery. Would be fun, but I don't have the time right now.

All that said, the name of this project should not reference "wmd" specifically. The package will provide a wmd widget, but should not be limited to doing so.

Need to come up with a suitable name, then re-namespace everything in the damn repo.

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