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Ahmad Khayyat
created an issue

In the editor, the Image button open a small dialog with a button: access filebrowser.

The button opens a non-existent URL:
/admin/filebrowser/browse/?pop=1&type=image, causing a 404 error.

The correct URL is: /admin/media-library/browse/?pop=1&type=image.

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  1. Owen Nelson repo owner

    Hi Ahmad,

    Do you happen to know what version of mezzanine introduced the url change? At the minimum, perhaps I can update the to require the version you're currently using. I'd anticipated this RTE to suffer since it was developed against pre-1.0.0 mezzanine, but this is the first I'd heard of it (I'm not currently using it on any projects).

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  2. Ahmad Khayyat reporter
    • I didn't know when the change was introduced, but I looked it up in the repo. It seems the first release to use the new URL is 1.0.0, as the change was introduced (in the file) in changeset 1264 (in the bitbucket repo of mezzanine), and:

      1.0.0                           1376:0c9812c5277c
      0.12.4                          1186:82d9700707dc
    • As you are not using this editor anymore, did you happen to find a better alternative, or are you just not using markdown or django anymore?

      The reason I'm asking is that I've been struggling to to properly integrate mezzanine's file browser (aka media-library) so that selecting an image inserts its markdown code into the editor. It can be done, but it is painful. So, are you aware of any better designed javascript editors that can be used instead of wmd?

  3. Owen Nelson repo owner

    I'm currently using a custom django widget that employs CodeMirror in markdown mode, but this is not built with mezzanine or filebrowser in mind, so there's no integration for image insertion or anything like that.

    As far as my plans for this project goes, I'd been considering replacing wmd, since many implementations are now defunct (as you pointed out), with EpicEditor however, that was before I adopted CodeMirror on this other project. Both RTEs would require custom work for image insertion, so I might be more inclined to stick with CodeMirror.

    On the CodeMirror versus EpicEditor topic, my use case involved the desire to make a request to a view in my app in order to get the markdown rendered for previews, rather than rely on the generic client-side markdown parser shipped with EpicEditor. The reason for this is mainly to do with my desire to utilize pygments with the markdown codehilite extension. The main difference between these 2 RTEs and wmd is that they don't provide any buttons for generating markdown boilerplate, or applying markdown to selected text. Is any of this a concern for you?

  4. Ahmad Khayyat reporter

    CodeMirror appears to be just an editor (with syntax highlighting): it does not seem to generate any previews, does it?

    EpicEditor looks nice and clean. However, I am looking for a TinyMCE replacement, i.e. with buttons. I am hoping people who are used to Office software will be able to author content with this editor, so editor buttons are essential for me. AFAICT, EpicEditor does not sport any buttons.

    PageDown seems to be the living heir of wmd, as I explained in issue #6. It was last updated in Octobe 2012, and supports extensibility via hooks, so showing a media-library browser when inserting images should be straightforward.

    I managed to get the current wmd editor shipped with mdown to show mezzanine's media-library in-page (not a popup window), and to insert the proper markdown code for the selected image into the editor. I am now trying to get PageDown to work with mezzanine-mdown, with some help from django-pagedown (

  5. Owen Nelson repo owner

    Well, ok. Sounds like you and I have different use cases so I won't waste time looking at the updates towards EpicEditor or CodeMirror. You're quite right in that CodeMirror doesn't provide any preview functionality - I provide it myself with a XHR request to my django app.

    That all said, I'd like to take a look at PageDown before adopting. The existing integration with filebrowser did work at the time it was written, so I'm sure there was some change in the filebrowser app (probably in the name of the javascript function it calls in the parent window when an image is selected).

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