Add PageDownWidget with media library integration (was: Fix media library URL - issue #5)

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  1. Ahmad Khayyat

UPDATE (bitbucket won't let me create a separate pull request)

Adds an alternative widget: PageDownWidget, which uses a variant of stackoverflow's pagedown editor that is modified to allow for custom element IDs (

Also, a lot of effort has gone into making the editor seemlessly integrated into mezzanine's media library. Clicking the 'insert image' button in the editor opens up the media library in an an in-window jquery dialog. Selecting an image closes the dialog and inserts the image markdown code into the editor at the caret current location.

The pagedown editor has two main advantages over OpenLibrary's wmd editor:

  1. Actively maintained.
  2. Supports hooks, which allows custom image insertion dialogs.

Fix media library URL as explained in issue #5.

The pull request includes two commits:

  1. Fix the URL and the button label.
  2. Delete trailing whitespace throughouto the wmd.js file.
  • Issues #5: Media library (filebrowser) URL new

Comments (4)

  1. Nate Aune

    Hi Ahmad, I'm also trying to get mezzanine-mdown to work with the filebrowser to insert media into the markdown window. I'd be interested to see your implementation of mezzanine-pagedown. I'd certainly rather use something that is maintained, rather than using mezzanine-mdown which seems to have been abandoned. I'll try it out at (could you please release the package on