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Owen Nelson

onelson@gmail.com // 941.312.1865

A background in art and design as well as in the techincal arts (3D animation). Professional experience with a variety of
languages, frameworks, and databases. I am an interesting mix of right-and-left-brained operations.


Open Source Projects

  • django-trawler (platform for launching phishing attacks as a means of auditing awareness).
  • mezzanine-mdown (markdown flavored widgets for mezzanine).

Recently contributed to:

Quality Distribution, Inc - Tampa, FL

Software Developer (Python, GAE) November 2011 -- current

At QDI, I'm a member of an agile team, who are currently working on a (Python) AppEngine application that aims to replace a wealth of legacy dot net apps which are at the core of our business.

Since starting on the project, I have:

  • Built the foundation of an MVC framework on top of webapp2, jinja2, and NDB (the new app engine datastore ORM).
  • Developed an NDB entity (de)serialization routines to allow us to use a single pipeline to transfer data from stringly-typed (more or less JSON) structures, to NDB model instances (and back again).
  • Created custom rich interfaces using a combination of jQuery, and LESS/CSS3.

Ringling College of Art and Design - Sarasota, FL

Security Analyst October 2010 -- November 2011

Daily duties are mainly analysis related, looking over logs, maintaining snort sensors, etc. In addition to this, I also support our LMS (Moodle) and build various Python tools and web apps (as needed).

Completed a small Django app which allows students to archive their work in a DSpace repository without needing them to fill in a lot of meta-data (we pull as much as possible from the registration database).

Key duties:

  • Configure/Deploy IDS (Snort) sensors on campus.
  • Monitor Snort alerts and investigate anomalies.
  • Custom tool development for network event analysis and correlation (python, django).

HPC Engineer January 2009 -- October 2010

In this role I was responsible for development, maintenance, and support for all distributed render activities.

Key duties:

  • Implemented a brand new render pipeline based on Windows HPC: ringling-render-tools.
  • Maintained a large cluster of nodes using Sun Grid Engine (SGE), CAOS Linux, and Percues.
  • Built render pipeline tools (using Autodesk Maya's python API) to simplify user interaction with RenderMan, and to detect issues in a user's animation file before dispatching to SGE (aka "the grid").
  • Implemented a web (django) based front-end for SGE job submission and monitoring.
  • Implemented a prototype application leveraging HTML5 video elements for institutional content syndication.
  • Managing and deployed a number of web applications in apache, lighttpd, and IIS.

JBA Network - Asheville, NC

Application/UI Engineer October 2006 -- January 2009

In this PHP shop, I wore various hats ranging from front-end to back-end development.

Key duties:

  • Zend Framework based application design and implementation.
  • Designing/Implementing shared PHP5 APIs for internal projects.
  • Database design.
  • Creating markup, CSS, and JavaScript for static and dynamic web sites.
  • SEO (mostly client-side, markup-related, optimizations).

Chicago Games Inc - Chicago, IL

IT Manager June 2005 -- August 2005

  • Installation/Configuration of printers.
  • Management/support of Cisco VOIP network and devices.
  • General user issue troubleshooting.


Ringling School of Art and Design 1999 -- 2004 BFA (Computer Animation).



Python, JavaScript, PHP, C#, C, MEL


Eclipse, Git, Mercurial, RenderMan, Snort, Blender, Maya, Postgres, MongoDB, MySQL, Subversion, Apache, Lighttpd, Lucene, Solr


Django, Webapp2 (AppEngine), Socket.IO, Zend, jQuery, Panda3D