Paul Ruane committed 4ac2a20

Command list now shown if run without arguments.

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-E Add unit-tests for each command.
 E 'tmsu files -r -f' doesn't work properly: the directories are excluded before the contained files are identified.
 E Issue #33: provide binary for 64 bit Linux.
 E Issue #39: Hide tag folders in VFS where tag makes no difference because set of files is identical.
 E Issue #35: add support for print0.
+E Add support for meta-data or tag values.
+    * If separate meta-data then need a way to convert meta-data to tag and vice-versa.
 E Add benchmarks.
+E Ensure unit-tests cover all command options.
 E Add recursive option to 'tags' command.
-E Issue #35: print0 support.
 E Enrich 'stats' with averages, most popular tag, &c.
 E Way to pull tags to parent directory up or push them down to child files.
 E Storage level operations should ensure database consistency. E.g. deleting a tag should result in corresponding taggings being deleted.
-E Consolidate 'status' and 'repair' commands.
 E Auto-tags (from Exif data or configured rules)
 E Tag-aliases, e.g. 'movie' -> 'film'
 	if commandName == "" {
-		log.Fatal("Command must be specified.")
+		commandName = "help"
 	command := commands[commandName]
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