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-T Doc: Mounting via fstab
-T Doc: VFS queries.
-E Additional VFS operations.
-E Issue #33: provide binary for 64 bit Linux.
-E Ensure unit-tests cover all command options.
-T Add examples to built-in help now help removed from wiki.
-E Issue #20: man page.
-E Add support for meta-data or tag values.
-    file            id, path, ...
-    tag             id, name
-    value           id, value
-    file_tag        file_id, tag_id, value_id
-E Improve formatting when terminal detected.
-E Issue #39: Hide tag folders in VFS where tag makes no difference because set of files is identical.
-    * Hard to do in a performant way.
-    * Possible issue with scripting.
-E Add benchmarks.
-E Add recursive option to 'tags' command.
-E Enrich 'stats' with averages, most popular tag, &c.
-E Way to pull tags to parent directory up or push them down to child files.
-E Storage level operations should ensure database consistency. E.g. deleting a tag should result in corresponding taggings being deleted.
-E Auto-tags (from Exif data or configured rules)
-E Tag-aliases, e.g. 'movie' -> 'film'
-Key: [B]ug [E]nhancement [C]lean-up [R]efactoring [T]ask
-* * *
-Release Checks
-* Ensure inline help, online help and Zsh completion are in sync.
-* Ensure database upgrade script works correctly.