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Application generated tags

Paul Ruane
repo owner created an issue

Some meta-data on files that is already available (e.g. from a file-system stat) may be useful if presented as tags, e.g. the file's year of creation or Exif data (where available).

There are two basic approaches that could be taken:

  1. When a file is first tagged, apply the set of automatic tags in addition to those requested by the user.
  2. Whenever a file's tags are listed, or it is perused via the VFS, dynamically provide additional application tags.

The first solution would result in 'real' tags being entered into the database, only automatically (I call these 'auto-tags'). The second solution would result in 'virtual' tags that are not in the database but are dynamically generated as required (I call these 'dynamic tags'). Alternatively a mix of the two approaches may be desirable.

The advantage of 'auto-tags' (1) is that additional rules could be created by the user for applying additional tags (e.g. of the back of other tags) with a set of default rules provided with the application. Additionally the fact the tags are 'real' means meta-data is not lost if the database is accessed directly, e.g. if another application wishes to use the tag database.

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