Mount -o results "ls: cannot open directory"

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When Im mounting FS with -o option it mounts fs, but when I`m trying to list files bash tells me that "ls: cannot open directory .: Transport endpoint is not connected".

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  1. Paul Ruane repo owner

    Have you enabled the user_allow_other setting in /etc/fuse.conf or have you run tmsu mount as root?

    The 'transport endpoint is not connected' error tends to happen when TMSU crashes for whatever reason. Could you please try the following:

    1. Use 'fusermount' to remove the failed mount and then try mounting again.

      fusermount -u path/to/mountpoint
    2. If encounter the same problem a second time, could you please try running the VFS as a foreground process. This will then list any error when you browse the VFS in a second terminal.

      tmsu vfs /path/to/database /path/to/mountpoint

    Where the default database path is ~/.tmsu/default.db.


  2. tapu reporter

    Im using fuse.conf way.

    • tmsu: BEGIN OpenDir(tags/watcher)
    • tmsu: BEGIN openTaggedEntryDir([watcher])
    • tmsu: Could not retrieve tags for tags: could not retrieve tags for tags [40]: could not retrieve files with tags [40]: no such column: size
  3. Paul Ruane repo owner

    Looks like you have an old database: were you using the 0.0.9 release before? You will need to run the upgrade script on your database. There are details on how to do this in the 'release notes' section of the (which is also shown on the front page of the Bitbucket page).

    Please ensure you back up your database before doing this in case anything goes awry. You will need to use the 0.0.9_to_0.1.0.sql script if you have a database from version 0.0.9 (or the trunk_to_0.1.0.sql if you have previously updated it).

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