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Issue #43 invalid

I would like a way to have a tag implecation

Devon Jones
created an issue

I would like to be able to tag something such that it pulls in all items tagged with another tags, without having to apply the same tag.

Example: I have a project tags, related to specific projects I also have music that is tagged.

I want to be able to tag the project tag, such that it pulls in all music with the "work music" tag, without having to tag all project files with work music.

Does this make sense?

Reading your notes and plans, I think this is probably tag implecation, but I'm not certain.

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  1. Paul Ruane repo owner

    I am working on tag implications for v0.2.0, here is an overview of how I currently plan on it working:

    • You can set up an implication of tag1 to tag2.
    • If you apply tag1 to a file, tag2 will be automatically applied.
    • The implications are recursive, so if you have tag1 => tag2 and tag2 => tag3 set up, applying tag1 will also apply tag2 and tag3 automatically.
    • You can set up as many of these implications as you like, including having a single tag apply many other, e.g. tag1 => tag2, tag1 => tag3.
    • The implications are applied at time of tagging so you are free to then remove these tags from individual files afterwards.
    • Circular implications are not allowed, e.g. you cannot have tag1 => tag2, tag2 => tag1.

    Most of this is written, but I have to add the algorithm for detecting and preventing circular tags. (Hare and tortoise to the rescue.)

    Now from reading what you have written I am not quite sure that is the same thing as you require. It's a little hard to tell without a concrete example, but it looks like you would like to be able to apply a tag to all files with another tag? For example, are you saying you would like to take all of the files tagged 'tag1' and apply a tag 'tag2' to them?

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