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Issue #64 resolved

Kernel 3.10 vfs issues due to a "/" in tags

created an issue

When I upgraded my kernel from 3.9.x to 3.10.x I noted that I was getting unexpected behaviour when using the vfs via a tmsu mount X. An ls or find would just report something like input output error, which was not very helpful.

I tracked it down to the following patch from Miklos Szeredi;

fuse: readdir: check for slash in names commit efeb9e60d48f7778fdcad4a0f3ad9ea9b19e5dfd upstream

When reverted I get the same behaviour as with previous kernels.

Recent versions of tmsu will not allow a tag name containing a "/", however it appears that previous versions did and presumably due to some script I ran, I've got tag names with a "/" defined in the database.

I'm guessing that this is going to catch someone else out was wondering if this could somehow be handled in tmsu perhaps via the repair command ?

I've been using tmsu version 0.2.0 and 0.2.2.



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  1. Paul Ruane repo owner

    I'm sorry I thought I had replied to this issue already.

    Basically my response (if I hadn't dreamt it) was that I don't believe the 'repair' command should handle this as it's a version migration issue rather than an ongoing maintenance task. However what I try to do when there are changes to the validation or database schema is provide an upgrade script so the 'bug' here is that I did not provide one for this particular change: for that I apologise.

    I shall look to provide a script to clean up the tag names in the database.

  2. Paul Ruane repo owner

    I've added a SQL script to fix up the database in 8da9c7e.

    To clean the default database:

    $ cp ~/.tmsu/default.db ~/.tmsu/default.db.bak
    $ sqlite3 -init misc/db-upgrades/clean_tag_names.sql ~/.tmsu/default.db

    I'll mention this script fully in the v0.3.0 release notes, as it will be necessary to rename any tags that clash with the logical operator names.

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